Texas Alzheimer and Memory Care

A Walk Together

At Sundance, affirming pupose for your loved one is our top priority. Our approach, A Walk Together®, is powerful medicine and a positive way to bring new life to potentially frustrating circumstances.

A Walk Together includes:


“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

It is incredibly difficult, at times, to see “the good” as you watch a loved one struggle through the impact of memory regression. Our diligent focus is to lift up and support our residents and their families with a level of care that individually engages the resident and includes their family. You will see this demonstrated as you begin to receive pictures emailed or text messaged to you of progress and successes as we work through your loved ones care plan.

Care Team Ratios
6 residents to 1 caregiver. We are committed to have industry leading resident to caregiver ratios. While this is unusual for the industry, we believe it is crucial in allowing us the freedom to be patient with your loved one in daily activities or therapies.

Hug Rotations
Memory Care that's engages individuals
This is a Sundance favorite. The typical model in an assisted living or memory care environment is to visit residents a couple of times per 8-hour shift. In our opinion, this is just not enough social interaction. Due to our low resident to caregiver ratios, we visit each resident at least every 30 minutes during all waking hours. Things do get busy at times, but in our opinion there is little that is more important than to take the time to give a hug, hold a hand or simply rub a back.

Research like this has consistently shown that touch can be very beneficial to the majority of people living with forms of dementia.

Montessori approach to dementia care begins with the knowledge of your loved one. This first step naturally unfolds during our admissions process where we begin to hear your loved one’s STORY unfold. We use this valuable information to create a STORY box in our Visitor’s Center, build a personalized routine schedule, create and present individualized activities based on your loved one’s strengths and interests and also a community role. Through STORY we are able to create a meaningful role and purpose for your loved one our Sundance community.

S- Strengths: One-on-one activities are presented to your loved one to assess their remaining strengths in 4 categories: motor, cognitive, social and sensory.

T- Triumphs: Targeted questions will allow us to determine what triumphs or victories your loved one cherishes most in their life.

O-Occupation: Capturing a person’s trade or profession is an important part of identifying roles and creating activities within our community. We will use their past skills to formulate activities they may be most familiar with during their occupation or trade.

R- Residence/Relatives: We want to know where your loved one lived and with whom during the various stages of life. This information allows us to create a memory book with your loved one to help them hold on to their past and identity for as long as possible.

Y- Youth: The full story begins from a person’s youth and that is what we strive for at Sundance. We ask our families to think back to the very beginning and share pieces of their youth with us. This allows us to tap into the first learned procedures and reinforce those through specific activities.

At Sundance, every day is a new page in your loved one’s STORY. We are so thankful that you allowed us to help write this new chapter in their lives.


Details matter. Details really matter when it comes to the living environment of someone living with any form of memory regression. The floor plan of the home? Important. The color of the plates? Important. Rounded corners in their bedroom? Important. Each choice made in the layout and amenities of a Sundance community is made with memory care in mind.

Design of the building
Each Sundance community has two separate living environments housed under the same roof: a North House and a South House. These two communities rarely interact. The building was designed this way with your loved ones DIGNITY in mind. The needs of a person battling some form of dementia increase as the illness progresses. Residents who require less assistance live in one house while those with increased needs live in the other. This allows your loved one to be surrounded with new friends in a similar season of life.

The Details
FLOOR PLAN – The floor plan of each community is designed with short, wide wings that flow toward the center activity area that is flooded with natural light. Each wing only has ten apartments so your loved one sees their same new friends each day.


SundanceMemoryCare--137PLATES – Our plates are red. There is macular degeneration that often accompanies memory care needs. Mashed potatoes and gravy or other neutrally-colored foods will often blend in with a standard, clinical, white plate.


SundanceMemoryCare--38HAND RAILS – On your next visit to a Sundance community, slide your hand behind the solid wood handrails that run the length of our walls. You will notice that they are anchored to the walls with solid wood. This prevents skin tears in aging skin. When we say “every detail matters”…we mean it!



We really love what we do so do not be surprised when you walk in and see a smile on our face. We are in constant communication with specialists and industry thought leaders on new and innovative memory care resources. While we recognize that technology will never replace an excellent care team, it does supplement them well. We have 3 anchor technology components in each of our communities.

Snoezelen Room

Snoezelen Room Multisensory Environment

Snoezelen Room Multisensory Environment

Snoezelen RoomThe “Snoezelen Room” is a multi-sensory environment. To be clear, Sundance’s goal in the care of your loved one is to not just accept the difficult changes that come along with dementia. We work diligently to offer outlets to maintain or improve their cognitive abilities from the first interaction we have with your family. This room helps provide changes in brain arousal which decreases stress, pain and anxiety while increasing trust and communication with the care team. This is a “person-centered” first response intervention to depression, agitation or anxiety rather than a “medication-centered” first response.

CISCOR Resident Monitoring
Pull cords in a resident apartment are a great resource in an assisted living environment. But what if the resident cannot remember the purpose of the pull cord in their time of need? CISCOR is state-of-the-art technology which allows us to track our resident’s movements and activity within their apartment thus reducing the risk of falls. Each apartment is customized to the specific needs of the resident. The CISCOR system also immediately alerts care team when a resident has an episode of incontinence. Each care team member, and the Executive Director, carries a notification device that tracks and communicates resident activity. This monitoring system pairs perfectly with our hands on Hug Rotations!

Medication management has been a core competency of Sundance since our inception. Often times our residents are on a variety of medications when we meet them. QuickMAR is the technology platform used to insure each medication is delivered at the precise time of day in the precise quantity.

Resident & Family Testimonials

Just wanted to "Thank you" and all of the staff at Sundance for a lovely Mother's Day celebration. The roses, sugar scrub, and dinner were all very nice and thoughtful. It really meant a lot to me since we are still uncomfortable with taking Mom out of Sundance. Although Mom... Read More

It’s not easy entrusting my dependent, vulnerable mother to anyone. It feels like when I took my children to preschool for the first time. Sundance is feeling more and more like an extended family to us. Thanks for all you do.

I wanted you to know I was extremely pleased with the care given to my dad Billy Campbell. I thought the staff was most knowledge, extremely friendly and willing to help. He was treated with the respect he deserved and earned. I never once heard a disparaging remark or comment... Read More

In three days at Sundance, the staff knew more about my Dad's needs and habits than the nursing home was able to learn in a month. The specialized attention is unbelievable. We're so thrilled to have found Sundance. It's great to find people who know how to work with people... Read More

S afe U plifting N urturing D evoted A ware N ice C aring E nriching

Sundance has been an answer to prayer for my family. My siblings and I were searching for a facility for our mother. We asked God's guidance to help us find the right place. After touring Sundance and meeting the staff, we knew our search was over. It was the right... Read More

Sundance was a blessing in a time of crisis. They took my mom in and cared for her when she couldn’t care for herself, restoring her dignity. They allow me the freedom to love my mom as a daughter. I will be forever grateful.

Karl got sick in January and it looked like a nursing home was again in his future. Two weeks later, Peggy fell and broke her hip, so the two of them were in the same nursing home in Rusk, Texas. Like in NJ, Karl didn’t respond well to the environment... Read More

Finding a place to care for a loved one is one of the most difficult and emotional processes I have ever undertaken. A facility that is safe, in addition to being well managed and staffed, is the first step and Sundance is certainly all of these. The next and more... Read More

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